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MARS .22LR Precision / Tactical Bench Rest

The Modern American Rimfire Series (MARS) consists of two possible disciplines.

Our matches are shot on the 4th Saturday of the month and points from our matches will count toward MARS season standings as long as there are 10 or more shooters.

.22LR Precision:

You will shoot a series of targets in a specified order from different positions and using various props for support.  Targets will be shot at distance from 25 to 230 yards and targets will range in size from 1/4" to 10".  Shooters will engage between 8 and 10 stages that will consist of static targets, swinging targets, and even a laterally moving target. 

Required equipment is a .bolt action or semi auto .22LR rifle with detachable magazines, several magazines, 200 rounds of ammunition and suggested to have various bi-pods and bags, barricade stops, tripods etc.

The Match Fees:

QSC Members — $20.00
Non-Members — $30.00
Juniors (17 and under) — Free

Tactical Bench Rest: 

You will use a Bolt Action or Semi Auto 22LR rifle capable of holding a magazine.  You will need several magazines and 200 rounds of ammunition.  All shooting is from the bench.  The rifle can have a bi-pod mounted and you may use a rear bag for support.  Cross sticks may also be used.

You will be shooting targets at various ranges from 25 - 230 yards. The size of the target will vary from 1/4 inch to 10 inch plates. You will have 90 sec to shoot each stage.

Emphasis is placed on knowing how to operate your scope, managing your dope and utilizing hold over and kentucky windage.  Coaching is encouraged at this time.  It is our objective for everyone to become efficient in the usage of their rifle and the scope.  This is most enjoyable and satisfying way to be able to shoot at these varied distances.

Some of our new shooters have even had the pleasure of cutting a playing card on the edge at 40 yards.

Have Fun and we will see you at the range 

The Match Fees:

QSC Members — $10.00
Non-Members — $20.00
Juniors (17 and under) — Free

Additional information about MARS can be found HERE

The Quinton MARS website is linked HERE.

Questions regarding MARS can be directed to

Quinton Sportsmen’s Club
346 Jericho Road
Salem, NJ 08079

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