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Steel Challenge

Steel Challenge is a speed shooting competition that involves shooting an array of five steel targets of varying sizes and distances while being timed.  There is a designed "stop plate," indicated by red paint which must be shot last.  The plate sizes are: 10 inches and 12 inches circles, and 18 inches by 24 inch rectangles.

The shooting starts with a buzzer.  The competitor shoots one round on each plate during the string.  The string is finished when the stop plate is hit.  For each stage the competitor shoots five strings, except for Outer Limits which is four strings.  The worst time (or string) is thrown out.  The total time for four or three remaining strings is your score.  The competitors are penalized three seconds for each plate that is missed.  Missing the stop plate results in a thirty second penalty.  There is no limit for the number of shots fired as long you do not hit the stop plate.

At Quinton Sportsmen’s Club we set up six stages.  Four of these stages are classifiers set by the Steel Challenge Shooting Association.  Anyone who can safely handle a firearm may compete.  Allowed firearms are rimfire handguns and rifles, centerfire handguns, and pistol caliber carbines (PCC), typically .22 caliber up to .45 ACP.  No magnum ammunition is allowed.

Rimfire handguns, rifles, and PCCs, start at low ready position.  Your muzzle will be pointing at a cone.  All centerfire handguns will be drawn from a strong side holster with your hands in surrender position.  You will need an allowed firearm, at least five magazines or speed loaders, and at least 150 rounds.

Steel Challenge matches are scheduled on the first Saturday of each month.

Match Fees:

QSC Members -- $15.00

Non-Members -- $20.00

Juniors (17 and under) --  Free

You can view the complete Steel Challenge rules HERE.  Questions regarding Steel Challenge can be directed to

Quinton Sportsmen’s Club
346 Jericho Road
Salem, NJ 08079

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