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Quinton Sportsmen's Club
Black Powder/Lever Action/High Power
Steel Target Match

These matches are a fun type match.
They are  run with an eye towards practical shooting and not taken so serious as not to be fun.
Don’t ruin someone else’s fun.
Everyone misses and – Some days you miss a lot.

Rules and Procedures:

Match Fees:  Adults $11.00  Juniors 17 and under Free

Equipment -

In the Black Powder Class any caliber/action rifle may be used.
Lever/cowboy action rifles are a separate class.
Lead bullets/balls or soft point bullets in lever action class may be used.
No solid copper sabot style bullets may be used with inline style rifles - lead only. Slings may be used in all matches.
Optics may be used in any match and they are in a separate class from iron sights.
In the Black Powder / Lever Action match the targets are divided into pistol caliber-Round ball muskets and full rifle/Musket calibers. They shoot at different distances.  Ask for verification of targets vs caliber. Any rifle / musket or ammunition may be disallowed by the match director if in their opinion it will damage targets or present a safety issue. Lever Action rifles may use smokeless powder.
All firearms regardless of class or match must follow Federal and New Jersey State regulations including magazine capacity.
In the High power match – any caliber or style of rifle may be used. Provided the bullet speed of 3000 fps is not exceeded. Please check with the match director if you are not sure. The different style rifles are divided by class / optics. No steel core -penetrator ammunition is permitted i.e. Green tip 5.56.

Match Procedures –

Match setup begins at 7:00 am. Please make an attempt to help. It is appreciated and the B/P match especially is a lot of setup. Please set the targets to the back of the rail. They fall easier if struck. Registration begins at 7:30 am pending the completion of setup. Signup for shooting positions for the matches are on a first come basis. Practice starts at 8:00 am and runs until 9:00 am. The targets will then be reset and painted. The shooters will then report to the center of the range for the match procedure and safety briefing. Please ask questions if you have them. Better to find out before any errors are made.
All targets in all matches shall be shot from the offhand position. All targets are scored from the very first shot. A turkey or a Ram will not hang around while you make sight corrections.
The first relay will be called to the line. The shooters will then be instructed to fire when ready. There is no set time limit with these -matches. Certain firearms require more time to complete their course of fire. Muzzleloaders and B/P cartridge guns need time to swab and clean the barrel. They will be given the time they need. However please be reasonable. When the firing dies down, the shooters will be asked if any more shoot time is required. If none is needed, the line will instructed to remove all rifles from the line. After verifying it is clear the command to go forward and reset targets will be given. Please repaint -as necessary. Each relay has two firing periods. Targets are shot in sets of five. Two sets X five targets = the ten targets per relay. Space and expense prevents us from putting out 10 targets per shooting position
If broken targets are noticed during the reset period bring it to the match director’s attention. There are spares. Put the damaged targets in the back of the golf cart. The fab shop will repair them. The Golf cart (s) should be used for the 150m and 200m targets. It helps move the match along.  The same procedures are used at the High Power Match.
After the relays are complete and targets are reset the shooters will move to their next set of targets. Please move along the firing line with your muzzles up.  And the process will begin again.
Please verify your shooting position prior to the beginning of the relay. If you are not sure, go to the match director and the registration sheet can be checked. It is annoying and it breaks a shooter concentration when their designated targets are not there. That being said. It is not the end of the world. Harsh words are not needed and EVERYONE has done or will do it at some point. You can shoot some targets left over from other shooters misses, AFTER verifying they are finished. Or notify the match director and we can put some make up targets up. Please mark hits with Xs and misses with a zero or leave it blank.
If you are not receiving the scores or are a new shooter please put your e-mail address on the scoresheet and I will add you to my shooters list. You will receive all match scores and any news, questions or updates concerning the matches.  Please write legibly. If I can’t read it you won’t get your scores.

 General Safety Rules -

Eye and ear protection is mandatory.
Be aware of you muzzle direction. No one likes being swept. It shows inattentiveness and a lack of respect.
We operate a cold range. This means there shall not be a magazine inserted / a round in the chamber or a powder load in the gun until the shooter is on the line and ready to fire. It is understood that muzzle loaders will have a charge moving from the bench to the line to fire. However the rifle should be at the halfcocked position and no cap on the nipple.
All Firearms capable of using a chamber flag must use a chamber flag. They should remain in the rifle until you are on the firing line and ready to insert a magazine or a round into the chamber.  A rifle should never leave the firing line with a magazine inserted or a round in the chamber. CHECK- For clear before leaving the firing line. Anyone found otherwise will be DQed! This may be the single most important step in preventing an accident.  If there is some type of a malfunction make it known and it can be handled.
When moving to the next shooters position all muzzles should be in the vertical position. Muzzle down in a cart is acceptable. After completion of the match please leave the score sheets in the range house.
Please help with teardown after the match. Again it is appreciated and the targets get heavier every year.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact me @

Good Luck and Good Shooting.

Quinton Sportsmen’s Club
346 Jericho Road
Salem, NJ 08079

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