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Quinton Sportsmen's Club

.22 Silhouette rules and procedures: 

                          This match is intended to be a fun type match.
                            Don`t take it so serious that you ruin other competitors fun.
                         Nobody likes a cheater. We deal on the honor system here so be honorable.

Match Fees:  Adults $11.00  Juniors 17 and under Free

Equipment –
Any safe .22 Rimfire rifle or handgun is legal for this competition. No .22 magnum or .17 calibers permitted. This is to prevent damage to the targets. 

All magazine fed firearms must comply with current Federal and New Jersey State magazine capacity regulations.
Optics – Scoped / Red dot are legal. Iron sights will scored as a separate class
No electronic / Laser optics will be used. This a cost control as well as a competition fairness rule
No shooting jackets or competition style gloves are permitted.
Any type of front rest/ cross sticks / sandbag (s) are permitted. Only the forearm or barrel may set on the rest.
F –type rests are not permitted again cost control and fairness.
Bipods will be permitted. However it can not be removed for the offhand stage. It must remain on for the entire match
Slings will be legal. If you intend to use a sling at any position it must stay on your rifle for the entire match.

Match Procedures –
Match setup begins @ 7:00 am. If you can make it please do so. It is appreciated.
Registration starts @ 7:30 am. Go to the range house for registration. You will be required to sign a release.
Your start position is determined by pulling a pill from a bag.
Practice begins @ 8:00 am sharp. It will run until 9:00 am. Please do not ask for an extension. I want to keep the match moving. Other members want to use the range after the match is over. So let`s not unduly hold them up.
The targets will be reset/painted and then all shooters will report to the center of the range for a
Briefing and we will go over the match procedures and safety rules. Please ask questions if you have them.
There are no silly questions and everyone has them from time to time.
The shooters will be called to the line. After a short period to prepare the ready command will be given.
The time allotted is 8:00 minutes plus a 15 second ready per relay. The command will be given to fire.
The shooters may then commence firing. If an early shot is fired is no penalty assessed, everyone has done it at one time or another - EXCEPT if you hit a scoring target that will be counted as a MISS and you are not permitted to shoot the swinger, keep shooting for score.  Otherwise you may shoot the swinger target as many times as you feel you need to.
The clock is running. Keep that in mind.
However once you shoot a knockdown target for score, you may not go back to the swinger. If you do those shots must be scored as misses. No exceptions to this rule. Please score hits as X`s on your score sheet. You may put zeros or leave a blank for missed targets. If you are a first time shooter or you have not been getting the match results, please put your email on the score sheet. Please write legibly, if I can`t read it you don`t get your scores.

The targets are shot as follows.

50 meter targets are to be shot offhand only. No leaning on the benches or posts please.
You may use a rest for practice shots. True offhand only for score

75 meter targets can be shot any position desired. No using rests / slings etc. No part of the rifle should be touching the bench / ground / post. You may use a rest for practice shots.
100/150/200 meter targets – They are shot prone with any of the equipment listed above. Or maybe shot sitting on a chair or bucket with high cross sticks. Each shooting position is marked on the floor of the firing line -corresponding with each bank of targets. This provides a straight on shot and a true distance to the target. Please use those positions as marked. It also helps with congestion in that shooting area. If someone is assigned to that spot please move to the one you are actually shooting.
Shooters over the age of seventy may shoot sitting at a bench with their choice of front rest.
However for the 50m and 75m positions the specified rules apply for all shooters.
If a shooter has an injury or disability that presents an unreasonable hurdle, please consult the match director. Accommodations can be made. Please be reasonable in your requests, everyone has aches and pains that they deal with but I will not have a shooter not compete because of something beyond their control.
After the shooting relay is finished the command to remove rifles from the line will be given.
Competitors must first remove the magazine, open the action, CHECK for clear, and then remove the rifle from the line. Checking the chamber for clear is key. With a match chamber sometimes the extractor may not pull an unfired round out. Do not assume it is out –CHECK please. Chamber flags will be used. Insert the flag before coming off the line. That means when you are called to the line you should have the flag inserted until the command to make ready is given.
After all rifles are off the line the command to go forward and reset targets will be given.
The targets are to be set to the back of the rail. That gives the best chance for the target to fall if struck.

Also check the condition of the paint on the target. The swingers are especially important in regards to paint. It helps you make adjustments before you shoot for score. Remember some shooters use iron sights and need all the feedback they can get. So if in doubt repaint!
Everyone should make an effort to reset targets. Allowances will be made for health or injuries, but no one gets enough exercise and it won`t kill you. For the 150/200 meter targets use the golf cart (s). It speeds up the process
And your heart rate won`t go up as much.
If broken targets are found during the course of resetting make it known and we can replace them.
They should be placed in the back of the golf cart so they can be sent to the fab shop for repair.
While the targets are being reset, the second relay should be ready or getting ready.
The next relay will be called after verifying the range is clear.
After the second relay shooters will move to the next shooting position. Extra time will be allotted between relays so don`t hurry. Please remember targets still need to be set and painted.
If you move during the course of a relay, please do so behind the line and be courteous. Nothing disturbs a shooters concentration like being stepped on.
If you win your class. Congratulations!  Winning a class at this shoot is not easy. It means you have your act together.
You will be awarded a free shoot at the next match you shoot in. I keep track of the winners. But do not hesitate to remind me if you won. I am busy in the morning between registration and setup.
Any match procedure or rule can be changed with no notice if it is found to compromise fair competition.

General Safety Rules –
Eye and ear protection is mandatory.
Be aware of your muzzle. Sweeping people is inexcusable. It show inattentiveness and a lack of respect.
This is a cold range. Meaning that no magazines or cartridges will be in a firearm anytime other than when on the line and preparing to fire. This is the Cardinal rule. Theoretically if this rule is followed there is no chance for a negligent discharge. Anyone found in violation of this rule is DQed – NO EXCEPTIONS!!
When moving from position to position all muzzles should be vertical. Pointing down in a cart is acceptable.
If you suspect you have a squib load – Stop! Inform the match director. We will try to make an accommodation for a makeup relay. This is not guaranteed, it depends on how many shooters and or weather conditions.  
Any other malfunctions are on you, if your scope falls off or the rifle jams. That’s part of the game. Hurry up fix it.
Squibs are safety related and safety issues are taken in to consideration beyond all other competition issues.
They are also beyond the control of a shooter and impossible to foresee.
Any match procedure or rule can be changed with no notice if it is found to compromise safety.

Shooter Classification –
These are the numbers used to determine the class you compete in –
New shooters- The first two matches they shoot they will considered unclassified. It is a class unto itself
B- Class 0 to 11 hits
AA- Class 12 to 24 hits
AAA- Class 25-35 hits
Master Class- 36 to 47 hits
Grandmaster- 48 to 60 hits

If the Match Director determines that a shooter is very experienced or talented they may be placed into a class immediately. Nobody likes a sandbagger.
After a new shooter has completed their first two matches the scores will be averaged and they will be placed     into the class corresponding to the average score.  
Beginning in March 2019. All shooters will be reclassified every year. The first two matches all scores will show as one class. After the 2nd match the shooters score will be averaged and they will be classified using that average. Some shooters get on a lucky streak move up and end up at the bottom of that class going forward. This also helps shooters who for a variety of reasons just can`t make the cut for the class they are in. The process of moving up a class remains the same. Shoot two scores of the next higher class and you get moved up.

This match has a variety of formats. If there is something the shooters would like to see, contact me. I try to break it up into different formats in order to prevent boredom.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact me @

Quinton Sportsmen’s Club
346 Jericho Road
Salem, NJ 08079

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